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Creating a Table of Contents

A table of contents will be automatically created for you if use text style. Each style, located in the drop down menu labeled "Format" connects to the automated table of contents.

  1. Select Insert
  2. Table of contents
    1. Notice that the Table of Contents Widget is now located where you placed the cursor before inserting the Table of Contents Widget
  3. Next, create your text headings
    1. Select the "Format" drop down menu.
    2. Select the appropriate text heading.  

Anchor Links

Anchor links can be used to create an interpage link.

  1. Create an anchor.
    1. Locate the text you want the anchor to point to. This will work best when being used with a citation at the bottom of the page.
    2. Before the citation, insert a subscript number
    3. Highlight the subscript number
    4. Select Insert<HTML Javascript
      1. In the box provided type the following where anchor name is the same number as the subscript number and Target Text is the same as the anchor name
      2. <a name="anchor_name">Target Text</a> 
        1. For example <a name="1">1</a> 
      3. Select Next
      4. Select Insert Plugin
    5. 1Now, locate the place in your page where the source is used
    6. Insert a subscript (X2) (the 2 is the subscript)
    7. Select the Subscript and select "Add Link"
    8. Copy the URL of the page from the URL bar at the top of the page up until the number "#" sign
    9. http://projectsmrj.pbworks.com/w/page/40255021/test# 
    10. Paste this link into the provide field
    11. Add the number of your subscript to the end of the lin
      1. http://projectsmrj.pbworks.com/w/page/40255021/test#1
    12. Hit the enter key to enter the link. 






























1I am a subscript link built with an anchor 



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