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Unemployment During Great Deppression






     The Unites States of America was in the great depression during the late 1920's and the people in America had a very hard time with employment. The people who were affected by the unemployment during the great depression was almost every person in America. The people that weren't very affected by this is most of the farmers and some of the very rich people. In the year 1938 the job percentage was 19.1 and in that same year it dropped down to 12.5 percent. In the year 1930 there were 123 milliion Americans and in the year 1933 24.9% didnt have jobs which was a total of 11,385,000 people. in one month in the year 1933 there were already 5,389,000 people without jobs.  127,000 jobs needed to be made in a month in order things to not get worse. The other people that were effected were the people that had their stocks in the stock market,becasue they had stocks in the market crashed and they lost money. A 1940 servey revealed that 1.5 million married women  had been abandoned by there hustbuands.




     What happened to the unemployment during the great depression, well depresion struck the countries with market economies at the end of the 1920's. the united states had it the worst because when the economies went down 25% of people lost their jobs and couldn't support their families. the only nway to support your family was by working for a farmer and getting paid in food and little money. basically a lot of people starved and passed away those years because it was the beggining of the great depression. Some people even got so hungry and so frustrated they over threw the farms and took the food. The unemployment started when the stockmarket crashed thwen everything came down and bussiness started closeing and that is what resulted the unemployment. The pecentage of unemployment was 23.7%.Which is two three time bigger then the unemployment rate right now. there was an economic boom that shot the united states into great depression. The united states was already in a bad ecnomy but when the stock market crashed it made it tens times worse and a lot of people thought that it was done on purpose for a typical reason, but no one can find out why so far.



     The United States of America was not the only country that fought with the troubles of the unemployment.The other countries that were effected by the unemployment were France, Germany, Australia, and United Kingdom. The unemployment was a world wide economic decline. The countries that were hurt exported raw materials and they were hurt. The worst point in  the United Stated in 1933 when more that 15 million americans were unemployed. That is one fourth of the labor in the United States. In Canada was also hit very hard during the great depression. The unemployment rate during stayed below 12% until World War Two. In Austraila wages fell and the unemployment was almost at 32% in the year 1931. France did not suffer ast bad as Canada, U.S.A., and Germany but they also didnt rely on trade unemployment as the other countries.



When the unemployment happened was when the great depression started which was in the 1920s. When it started in 1929 it was on the lowest percentages was in the 1929 it was around 5%. The unemployment rised up fast and didnt lower fast the highest point of unemployment was in 1933 it was higher then 25%. Which higher then our rate right now. One of the main cause was cause the wall street crash in October which lead to the massive unemployment rate. Thanks to this a bunch of factorys closed and had to lay off workers. Some company didnt have workers so they had to cut their matirelas they exported. The intrest rates rose and the effected the house building so construction workers were laid off and also the genarl security was effected by this.


Why the great depression happend was because the stockmarket crashed in october.One of the top resaons is that the stockmarket crashed which lost alot of money forcing bussines to close and lay off workers. The second reason was that banks started to curropt and did not have money to pay so that was why workers were not payed or some wernt payed. The reson why bussines closed leading to people getting fired was that the exports they deliverd to europe werent bought beacuse the price was rose and europ thought that it was not worth buying. The other reson was because of the dust bowel that would ruin farmers crops and they wouldnt sell. Also why this happend was because the president of the united stats did not take actions and did not do anything so jobs could be recoverd. 


How the unemployment happend was because first of all the government had no money and no bussiness. Also how the unemployment happened was that the stocks dropped their price at least 23% which was bad. Second how the unemployment happened was that none of the bussiness had money having no money to pay their workers. The reason they had no money was that the things rose prices and their was alot of unemployment and also the united states was going on crisis. How this happpend was odd cause back then the stocks would rise at least 12% a day and they all of sudden they dropped 23% the next day.


Who cares? 

Who cares about this was everyone in the USA beacuse not alot of people had jobs and some would sell their things hopeing to get a little bit of money. Also this did not only happened here in the USA this happened mostly in Europe. In that time peroid the president did not care beacuse if he did care about the unemployment then he would of at least created some jobs so people could of worked. Some people that had no jobs had to sleep in allys or some would seel fruit like the picture below. Who cared about this was  mostly no body cause some people would stand in the streets holding signs that would say "do anything for work" (like picture below) and some most of thoes people would not get attention. How cared about this was the presidant that came later becuase he made jobs he loaned mony to banks which brought the econmy up. The reson people should care about this is beacuse in the situation we are faceing right now the great depprison might happen again beacuse stocks dropp alot the going up also the unemployment rate is rising bit by bit and we have a massive debut with China. That why people should start carrying beacuse this might happen agian.


Essential Question 1  

This topic is releated to the great depprison because this is one of the main reasons this was bad beacuse all of the steps lead to this. This topic is realeted beacuse due to the stock market crashing and loseing a bunch of money it made alot of people or owners of bussines lose alot of money and also they had no bussines which lead them to close it and also to unemployment rise high. It is also realted cause the unemployment made the great depprison sader cause people had no homes and they try to sell there things at a high price which no on wanted to buy them they would sell things at a high price cause things back then rose alot like a pound of bannas would cost around $8.00 which before the stock market crashed they were lower price. This is also realted cause the way the great depprison ended was because the government created a bunch of new jobs making the country raise from the floor. Some of the jobs were planting trees and also building a damn so floods whould not occure esspically in the mississppi river.


Essential Question 2

This topic is important to understand the great depprison because the unemployment was on main reason this country was awfull. This topic is important understand cause thier are alot of steps which lead to there being alot of unemployment in the untied states it all started when the stock market crashed which lead to alot of bad steps and one of thoes bad steps was the unemployment. Which effected the whole united states and evry one of thier people it is said that there were more people unemployed the what their population was. Also it is important to understantd this topic cause unemployment was the reson that the country was in a bad shape.





This picture was taken during the great depression when it was vey hard for people to get jobs.


















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