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The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl Pictures and Videos



This video shows what its like to be a farmer during the dust bowl. They            This picture says 'Dust Storm Aproaching at 60 mi. per hr.' This is another picture taken

tried to plow their crops as fast as possible so they wouldn't dry up and           in Oklahoma.



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This video shows pictures of what was going on during the Dust Bowl.                This picture was taken by Beaver Oklahoma during 1935. In this picture you can 't

All the dust that was killing animals and covering houses.                                   see through the dust at all to see if there is a town or anything.       




 The Dust Bowl took place in the lower part of Colorado, throughout Kansas,                 This video shows the people and the towns that were in the Dust Bowl.

parts of Oklahoma, a corner ofNew Mexico, and the upper part of Texas.                     Most the pictures are taken from other towns or after the Dust Bowl.


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