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Herbert Hoover

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summary:Photo of Herbert Hoover

Who was he?

Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874, he died on October 20, 1964. He was the 31st president, and he was the last president whos term ended on march 3rd. He was the middle child of three kids,and both parents were "Quakers". His fater was a very good balck smith. Both parents,Jesse and Hulda died in the early 1880s,all the kids were seperated and sent to go live with differnt relatives. Herbert was sent to Orgeon to live with his uncle, Dr. Henry Minthorn. Herbert Hoover droped out of high school and started  to work with his uncle in his real estate office, then he began to take an interrest in career in engineering and was looking into stanford to begen studing geology. He enrolled at Stanford University when it opened in 1891, graduating as a mining engineer. At Stanford he married Lou Henry and had two kids. .http://americanhistory.about.com/od/herberthoover/p/phoover.htm 


 What has he done? 

Herbert Hoover became chairman of the American Relief Commission in Belgium in 1915-19. Then in 1917, Woodrow Wilson appointed Herbert Hoover as the national food administrator, which meant he was responsible for distributing 18,500,000 tons of food to the allies. http://www.hooverassoc.org/herbert-c-hoover-biography/

In 1920 warden harding appointed Hoover as his secretary of commerce. During the next seven years Hoover had a lot to do with the successful growth in the economy. When Calvin Coolidge decided not to run in 1928, hoover won the republican party nomination. Then in October 1929, The Wall Street crash happened, which put a great depression in Amercian history. Herbert Hoover was slow to provide federal help to farmers and refused to help unemployed people in urban areas.   


 Where has he been? 

 Herbert Hoover was born in an Iowa village, he grew up in Oregon.

He celebrated his 40th birthday in London, one week after Germany declared war on France. The american counsel general asked Herbert Hoover to help in getting stranded tourists home. In six weeks his committee helped 120,000 americans return to the United States. Later on him and his new wife went to china because Herbert was a engineer for them.   .http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/herberthoover

when did he die/get out of office?

Herbert Hoover died at the age of 90. Before he died he got married to Miss Lou Henry in 1899 and had two kids the first Herbert Jr. born in London of 1903, The second child was Allan also born in London of 1907. Both kids are deceased rite now. Herbert Hoover was the 31st president March 4th to March 4th 1933. Herbert was an orphan as a child so his uncle raised him in Oregon. After he had leaft his uncles he went to Standford University where he met his soon to be wife Lou Henry. When he graduated he started to work on industrial projects in many differnt countrys.  



why was he apart of the great depression?

Herbert Hoover was balmed for the stock market crash but he warned President Coolidge in 1925 about the  stock market crashing. He again stared to spered awareness when he ran for Presidant in 1928. After the crash many were unemployed and the ecnomic standing was unsertan. He disagreed to to authorize big relief programs that could of helped the sufferage and hunger of amercians. His stuberness to use a big amont of federal dollars to help the nations sturggles and his lack of seeing that he was making the great depression. This was some of his quotes between the stock maret carsh and the great depression.  "Regarding Great Depression:
While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced that we have now passed the worst and with continuity of effort we shall rapidly recover.

Address to the United States Chamber of Commerce, May 1, 1930"     


how dose Herbert Hoover relate to the Great Depression

He is related to the great depression because he was the one that made a lot of people unemployed and that was one of the reasons why the stock market crash into the depression. He told construction projects to speed up, and cut $160 million taxes, and double the amount spent by public works. He 

who cares about Herbert Hoover?

Many americans at first found Herbert Hoover as a great leader and good problem solver. They saw him as a role model to their children and the way they lived. When the stock market crashed they no longer saw him as a good leader any more. People may remember Herbert Hoover as the President who couldn't bring America out of the depression.      

essential questions: 

Essential question #1. How is Herbert Hoover related to the great depression?

Herbert Hoover  was president at the time of our country's worst depression in history. Many people considered him a do-nothing president because he passed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. Raising tariffs was one of the worst things that could've been done, because of this movement many people considered Hoover as a do-nothing president. Thus, it's not that Hoover was a do-nothing president, it's that he just did the wrong thing at the wrong time. http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/herberthoover


essential question #2.why is the topic significant or important to understand the great depression?

Many amercians found him a good manager and to be resourceful presidant. After just eight months in office, on Oct,29 1929, the stock market crashed fueling a depression that become know as the worst crisis in amercia. After the crash, Herbert Hoover ordered ferdal deparments to speed up constution projects and cut $160 million in taxes and doubled the amount spent on public works. By 1993, one-fourth of amercian workers were now laid off or unemployed. Hoover was criticized on not passing great relife programs help the sufferage and hunger of many amercians, his unwillingness to use federal dollars to help the nations economy.


 Black-and-white photo of Herbert Hoover in a high starched-collar shirt, tie, and jacket.

Videos of Herbert Hoover:

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyIdQcFTzlQ&feature=related Herbert Hoover-a documentary.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z44gRBwLm8&feature=related Hoover announces his 1931 stimulus plan.

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