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The Stock Market Crash of 1929

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The Stock Market Crash of 1929




When Did It Happen


The stock market crashed in the Fall of October, 1929.



Where Did It Happen


The Stock Market Crash of 1929 happened in the U.S.A.



What Happened


The crash was the drop of the value of the stock market. Before the stock market crashed people thought the market would continue to rise. So a lot of people invested in stocks.


Why Did It Happen


Why did the stock market crash in 1929? You can blame it on anything you want but there are legitimate facts about why it happened.

First off, what happened was American, trading and such, was at a all time high. They were one of the worlds top traders. But then things started to go down hill way too fast. In 1929 the bubble popped finally after years and months of the stocks going down hill the stocks finally crashed. The cause of this was the banks. They were running out of money basically. The government was paying the banks to get out of the debt. Now banks have "all" of your money right? in a way wrong. what they do is that they keep your money but they charge you too keep the money there, that's how the banks make money. Have you ever heard of loans? Well what the bank does is that they take the money that you put in and they "loan" it out to other people. So what I'm telling you is.... it is not your money! The bank gives it to other people as loans to pay off other loans and so fourth.



How Did It Happen


The stock market crash happened because the market loss a lot of value. Then people started to take out their stocks. This caused the market to lose even more value. People that had held stocks where know out of a lot of money. Since people had borrowed lots of money to put in stocks, the crash caused those people to have a debt. This started the Great Depression.



Who Cares That It Happened


Everyone cares because the stock market crash effects the U.S. economy and it caused many banks to shut down and when the banks got shut down, it affects other businesses too.


"Factories had begun to overproduce consumer goods," (The Stock Market Crash of 1929) but demand for those goods didn’t increase at the same rate. Prices of those goods began to fall.


Farm crops as farmers planted more wheat than was demanded on the market.



How Is It Related To The Great Depression


The Stock Market Crash of 1929 is related to the Great Depression because it is what started the Great Depression. - Drew


Its related to the Great Depression because the stock market crashed and people had no time to get their money out of the bank, thus making them poor with no money and no house. - Alex

Its related to the great depression because when the stock market crashed, many businesses got shut down and people didn't have work to do. Many banks got shut down then people had no money. - Bonus


Why Is It Important To Understanding The Great Depression


It is important to understanding the Great Depression because understanding what started something is the first step to understanding the thing as a whole. - Drew


It is important to understanding the Great Depression for many reasons. 1: So we don't make the same mistakes. For example we learn from the past.  2: To be more greatful for the things that we do have instead of the things that we don't have. Pepole in the Great Depression were happy with eating onion soup every day for a week. Now some pepole just waist food. - Alex


It's is important because we get to know the mistakes in the past. What they have done wrong. What happened in the Great Depression so we wouldn't do the same mistakes again. - Bonus











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