Raymond Beaman 

 brittany and FDR and the Great Deperssion

Essential Question #1


    How is the topic related to The Great Depression?

In 1929 the stock market crashed and it wiped out 40% of paper values in common stock. Many people lost confidence and their life savings. Everything started to shutdown, buisness closed their doors and banks failed. The main problem that caused the Great depression is the country's capacity to produce and the citizens to consume. In 1932 1 out of every 4 Americans were unemployed.

     Franklin D. Roosevelt played a great roll in the great depression. He was president through all this chaos. He had to propose radical ideas to try and help the economy. One deal he proposed was called the "New Deal". This deal lasted from 1933 to 1935. There was also the second and third new deals. The second "New Deal" which stretched from 1935 to 1938. The third began in 1937 but it never took root.

     The first "New Deal" aimed to restore the economy from top to bottom. It encouraged buisnesses to aviod "cut throat competition". This helped smaller buisness from being wiped out during this period. The second deal was designed to restore the economy from the bottom up. This was a technic designed to spend money at the bottom of the economy to help the non-consumers become consumers again. 


     Essential Question #2


          Why is the topic significant or important to understanding the Great Depression?



     FDR was very important to the Great Depression because he helped solve the issues that were a problem at the time. Some of the issues he resolved with the new deal was labor made greater gains those years than any other previous year in American history. FDR's new deal also solved the problem of unemployment. FDR created relief programs that acted in two ways direct relief and work relief. The moral of these programs were to make enough direct relief or make enough payments for work relief jobs to allow the average american family to live and to survive at a very basic level of living.

     The point of FDRs second new deal was to create work rather than welfare. He built buildings ,airports, and schools with the objective to get people to work there. It also employed the unemployed youth. A cornerstone in this deal was the creation of social security. The Social security system was created to serve as insurance for the aged, unemployed, and disabled based on employer and employee contributions.









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