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Unemployment of the great depression (redirected from Unemployment of the great deppresion)

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      Unemployment of the Great Depression 

 Everyone lost their jobs



   The Great Depression orginated in the United States and spread to the rest of the world. This all started because the stock market collapsed and then it effected everyone. Everyone stared to loose there homes and had to live on the streets. Imagine what all these sad and depressed people went through, they lost their jobs and just lost everything. the men couldn't work because they lost their jobs so that means they couldn't provide for their families. Not only did the people that lost there jobs suffer but everyone that they loved and cared for had to do the same.




Essential Questions

     The Great Depression is very relevant to our topic in more then one way. Knowing about the people in the Great Depression is a great way to learn about it. If you study about the people in this horrible tragedy you will learn that many people became unemployed, and that is what our topic is about. Unemployment was the biggest problem in the Great Depression because no one had any money to provide for their family with or just spend on themselves. 13 to 15 million workers were unemployed and millions were homeless. On October 29Th, 1929 the stock market fell 20% and lost between 8 and $9 billion dollars. After this the stock market continued to decline. It begin to show a domino affect. Since business owners sold their stock to other investors it affected them because the business owners went bankrupt, and since the business owners went out of business the people the bought from to make their business successful also went bankrupt. This happened to almost every owner.( The Great Depression)



     Unemployment in the great depression is significant or important to understand because in 1929 the stock market in New York crashed severely and became a down word spiral until 1939 when it started going back up but it didn't start to get back on track until around 1941 when the % of labor force unemployed was 9.66 which was the best percentage sense 1931. so the unemployment in the great depression is good to know because we can compare it to what we think is bad today and we can understand how the people felt, to what we are feeling today. i feel that we should know how many people in the great depression were unemployed because it will show us how to change some of the mistakes we4 made when that happened. (America in the Great War)




who cares?


Why should people care about the Great Depression? It's in the past which means it probably wont happen again, but as people well know history has a tend to repeat itself so people have to care about the past and how it has affect the present today and how it might affect the future so a few people that care about unemployment in the great depression might be, banks. Banks would care because on black tuesday most of them went bankrupt, lost all the money in the bank, and made millions of people in the country out of a job and unemployed. Same thing with other businesses as the stock market plunged so did all the customers that bought there product which caused them to go bankrupt and make even more unemployment in the country. (The Great Depression)






                                                                                                                                 Effect of the depression in Europe




who it affected & when?


During the great depression, there was worldwide loss in jobs and an enormous stock market crash throughout the world. In virtually every market throughout the world there were stocks falling like a rock in what it seems was overnight. The major shocker to most people was the fact that it happened in such a short period of time and literally everyone throughout the world was panicking. there was a major loss in jobs throughout America and Europe. this also may have contributed to the start of the second world war. many believe the savior of the great depression was this war as many were employed to make weapons and planes for the war. the worlds stock market was in such a bad way that many countries in Asia and Europe enforced bans on imports from other countries as they couldn't afford them. many other countries increased tax rates in a desperate effort for the government to gain control of the situation. the USA meanwhile gave it's citizens some financial compensation but for most, it wasn't enough. Even the rich suffered as many were strongly linked to the stock market and it was a big piece of their income.




     A major portion of the people who were affected in the great depression were minority groups. This was sitill a time of racial segregation and as hard as it was for them to get jobs before, they made up most of the unemployed in the great depression. Also, there were large amounts of Mexican workers who were deported during this time as there were many more qualified people trying to take their place. During this shortage of work in the southwest, over 400,000 Mexican workers were deported back to Mexico. As such, they were struggling lower class families without a job and most had no food to get by. There was another problem as many lower class families immigrated from Europe to the east coast. Food was their major business and many opened up their own shops and as such, many are still here today. the reason being they didn't need to pay many people and were family operated so they could find work easy. They also had problems as well though as many didn't have money or enough of a customer base to survive. The ones that did though helped, by a small margin, to give some people jobs.


During the great depression, world war one veterans who were promised financial compensation suffered. These veterans had been promised money from the government called service certificates in 1924 that would be redeemable for many in 10 years. They wanted them early to help them out of the great depression.



     Decline in exports throughout the great depression



The Great Depression started because of a fallout in the stock market. This caused unemployment around the world.  After the event occurred it was called Black Friday. You can also explain this better by calling it the domino effect. The domino effect is theory that one event will set off a train of events. Since the stock market crashed it cause businesses to loose money so they couldn't buy from other people so everyone lost there jobs. (Mr.J) 


How did the great depression happen? Most people believe that the great depression was caused by the stock market crashing and the domino effect taking place on all the other businesses. The domino effect relates to this because when one business became bankrupt and stopped buying supplies from other businesses they had to lay people off!


1929  88,010,000 49,440,000  1,550,000  3.14% 
1930  89,550,000  50,080,000  43,400,000  8.67% 
1931 90,710,000  51,250,000  8,020,000  15.82% 
1932  91,810,000  52,250,000  12,060,000  23.53% 
1933  92,950,000  51,840,000  12,830,000  24.75% 
1934  94,190,000  52,490,000  11,340,000  21.60% 
1935  95,460,000  53,140,000  10,610,000  19.97% 
1936  96,700,000  53,740,000  9,030,000  16.80% 
1937  97,870,000  54,320,000  7,700,000  14.18% 
1938  99,120,000 54,950,000  10,390,000  18.91% 
1939  100,360,000  55,600,000  948,000,000  17.05% 
1940  101,560,000  56,180,000  8,120,00  14.45% 
1941  102,700,000  57,530,000  5,560,000  9.66% 



The first year of the great depression was 1929. The great depression ended in 1940 during this time was when WWII started.




     The stock market crashing caused the great depression. It left most people unemployed. Durring the great depression it was really hard to get a job. Pretty much everyone during this time was affected greatly. The only people that had jobs during this time were the people that were in the upperclass. The stock market crashed and left people unemployed therefore it left many people struggling for money. In the time period it there was two or three grocery stores in the towns. The groceries were a lot less expensive than they are today. Durring the Great Depression the people that had jobs didn't get paid that much. The minimum wage in the great depression was twenty-five cents per hour. The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1940 and it ended because there was a war that created jobs


Some wages at the time were :

                 monthly teacher salary $60

                 housework for one week $3

                 farm worker for one month $30

        doctor's bill for childbirth $25   


Here are some prices during the great depression:

                 pound box of crackers $.08

        dozen oranges $.25

        three cans of pork and beans $.19

        10 large bars of soap $.25

        pound of coffee $.29

        pound of raisins $.09

        box of bran flakes $.09

        pound of hamburger $.25

        pound of roast beef $.15 (Gravlund)













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