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The Dust Bowl by Hawah Kallon

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 What is the Dust Bowl?

    The Dust Bowl was a huge deal in the 1930's. There was a bunch of dust going around. The dust blew for eight years and it changed the way people did things. Children wore masks to school because they didn't want to get any dirt in their mouth and lungs. Women would put wet sheets in there windows to try to let the dirt out but it didn't work as well as they hoped. The farmers couldn't do anything because the dust was ruining their farm. The dust made everything look like a yellow and brown haze. The Dust Bowl was so devastating, it helped make the Great Depression go longer than it should have. The damage was so large that in 1935, experts estimated that 850,000,000 tons of topsoil had been blown away (Nelson).


 dust1.gif (68720 bytes) [http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/depression/dustbowl.htm]


Why did the Dust Bowl happen?

  The Dust Bowl happened because the farmers didn't farm well. Farmers were not prepared because they were new to the environment. World War I also was a big problem. Since the United States was in a war so they needed a lot of wheat for soilders, so the farmers had to harvest a lot of wheat. Famers took over the grassland and covered it with wheat to meet the demand("Dust Bowl"). The grasslands held in the dirt so  the farmers didn't have anything to hold it anymore. To make it worse there was a huge drought and the farmers kept plowing the ground again and again because they didn't know what else to do and that caused over-plowing. When you over plow there is a lot of topsoil so when some wind came, it was easy for dust to fly everywhere. 


Why should people care about the Dust Bowl?

People should care about the Dust Bowl because we can learn from our mistakes. If we forgot about it, we might have a second Dust Bowl. Ever since it happened, our farmers got a lot smarter. Farmers today do not over plow. Another thing they're doing is saving some grassland so the dirt won't become loose. Also farmers have irrigation systems which gives you water when you have a drought .



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