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Lily's page: Herbert Hoover

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http://depts.washington.edu/depress/hooverville.shtml 9/15/11

Herber Hover:

     During the great depression Herbert Hoover was not a very good president and not many people liked him but at the same time Herbert Hoover was highly respected , Hoovervilles became a very common name for shacktowns and homeless people during the great depression, they called them Hoovervilles because Herbert hoover didn't really care that the economy was low , there we're dozens through out the the state of Washington, there were hundreds through out the country! They each testified that there was accompanied to the employment crisis in the 1930's.

     Herbert hoover had  gone down in history because he wuncaring chief executive who, while he presided over economic disaster, cared little about his fellow citizens,as an awful president , and an uncaring chief executive, he president economic disaster he cared very little about his fellow citizens .

     Essential Question #1:How is this topic related to the great deppression ?

This topic is related to the great depression because Herbert Hoover was currently the president during the great depression. he was part of the reason that the great depression was soawful and miserable because for one he didn't care about the people he was supposed to care about he just did what ever he wanted pretty much, he also did not care that economy was low and he did what ever he wanted. this topic is also related to the topic because herbert hoover even though he was a very highly respected amn in the beggining he was very self centerd and made amaerica an even worse place than  it already was. Hoover largely stunned legistative relife proposals untill his late term . unemplyment soared from 5 million in 1930 to 11 million in 1931 because he did not really care how many people had jobs or not and there the great deppression got even worse. http://www.squidoo.com/herbert-hoover



     How did President Hoover deal with the great depression?

          I would say that Herbert Hoover did not deal with "The Great Depression"  in a good way because as the great depression got worse there were calls that grew for more important measures like increased federal intervention and spending, when he had heard that he refused and adhering strongly to his princibles. Herert hoover promised tahat when e became president that he would be influencial and help all American citizens , and influence buisness leaders to set fair prices and give more men jobs. Instead he refused to invole the government in forcing fixed prices and more. Hoover belived that socialism was pretty much evil and was bad for America so he did not let the government step in and try to help emply American citizens or provide healt care for them wihich in the end made President Hoover not someone anyome wanted to look up too or anything , and all of these deisions  allowed hoover's apponents to describe Herbert Hoover as cold and uncarrin to American Citizens even though he was veru siccessful before he became president. Now in the end when it became time to reelect presiden hoover tried to say that he cared to much about American citizens  to destroy the country's foudations with deficts and social intitutions . But he could not change America's mind about how they thought that he was heatless and uneffectuapresident , and was sounly defeated by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1932.


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