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The Dust Bowl By Liz W

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Who was in the dust bowl?


There were a lot of people  in the dust bowl and one of them was Franklin Roosevelt. He took office when the country was in one of its desperate times so he decided to take quick steps to declare a four day bank holiday. During that time congress came up with a emergency banking in 1933. Which balanced the banking industry and restored peoples faith in the bank systems by putting the federal government behind it.(About The Dust Bowl)


The Federal Surplus Relief Corporation did a diverted agricultural values to relief organizations because young pigs were being slaughtered and most of the meat was being wasted. So, the people went to the FSRC and that's when apples, beans canned beef, and pork products where distributed through local channels. The the federal government formed a drought relief system to help relief activities. They brought in cattle that were designated in emergency areas for $14 to $20 a head. if there was remaining cattle the would be given to the FSRC. And be would be distributed all across the nation (About The Dust Bowl)


On April 27, Congress declared soil erosion "a national menace" to establish the Soil Conversation Service in the department of agriculture. Hugh H. Bennet the SCS made a consecration program that retained topsoil and prevented damage to the land.(About the Dust Bowl) (Bill Ganzel)


In February 1936 Los Angelos police Chief James E. Davis sends 125 policemen on the borders of Arizona and Oregon to keep out "undisirables" out. and then the American Civil Liberties sues the city.(About the Dust Bowl)







Essential question #2 

Why is the topic significant or important to understanding the great depression?

   The topic is  important to understanding the great depression because it was a very big part of our history .It is a very big part in our history because taught us how to farm right how to make our economy better then what it was. It also made our government stronger by looking at our economy problems. The economy problems we had were; money issues, and how many people went unemployed. The Dust Bowl also made the depression go longer because the food was not growing.




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