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Stock Market Crash 1929- Quiana

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What is the Stock Market Crash of 1929?

     The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was when the prices of the stocks were gaining value within a short period of time and too many people bought stocks around the same time. So, the Stock Market crash in 1929 was about how the ticketer for the stocks couldn't keep up with all the prices and how many people actually bought stocks.

Why did the Stock Market crash happen in 1929?

     In 1929 the Stock Market crashed because investors kept buying and selling stocks since they could make a huge profit off of them. After the stocks hit the high in value in September, the Stock Market started showing signs of instability. Because of this instability and the fright of possibly not getting the money back that was put into the stocks, investors had started selling their stocks as quickly as they found out about this so they didn't lose all of the money they invested in the stocks. With the money the investors made would be put into their savings account in the bank. The bank would then try to get money from the investors by getting them to buy loans so they could buy and sell more stocks and not use all of their money. The investors were buying more and more loans so they could buy more stocks without worrying about wheather they had enough money for food (stockmarketcrashof1929.net).

How did the Stock Market Crash happen in 1929? 

     The Stock Market crashed when the banks could no longer be trusted with anyone's money wheather they were stock investors or not. There also happened to be a 9% decline for stocks from the high on Black Tuesday and Black Thursday. There were 13 million stocks bought on October 24, 1929, the day also known as Black Thursday. Because so many stocks were bought, the stock ticketer kept getting more and more behind on updating the stock prices as they went up, so the investors were selling their stocks for less then what they were worth. Since the ticketer wasn't keeping track of all the stocks shown, not every stock sold was completely accounted for , which in turn made the investors very angry. During the entire time of the Stock Market Crash, the price ofthe stocks just kept getting lower and lower until there wasn't much left of the Stock Market (Bierman).



Here is where Essential Question #1 will be answered:

Q: How is the Stock Market Crash of 1929 related to the Great Depression?

A:     The Stock Market Crash of 1929 is related to the Great Depression because this was the event that had lead up to the Great Depression. In other words, because of the crash of the Stock Market the Great Depression was brought among everyone living during 1929. The Great Depression is also because there wasn't actually any money in the banks, mostly because they were blamed for the debt everyone seemed to sent into.






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