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The Stock Market of 1929:By Cyn

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When Did The Stock Market Crash Happen?    

      The Stock Market Crash of 1929 or the Roaring twenties (wikipedia.org) did not happen during a one day period. The crash was speared out in a two week time period (investopedia.com). The first part of the crash occurred on October 24, 1929 also known as "Black Thursday". On a trade day the typical exchange was 40 million shares. But on Black Thursday a record of 12.9 million shares were exchanged.  This day the stock market had fallen 33 points or 9% behind (money-zine.com).


      On Friday 25, 1929 several of the nation's largest bankers got together to see what they could do about the situation. They decide to buy a number of United States steel. The steel was above their price range (themoneyalert.com).


     October 28, 1929- Black Monday. The market had gone back a bit on Friday (moneyzine.com). Over the weekend the invertors thought it would rebound. However, on Monday thing got worse. The high trading volume put pressure once again on the flow of their information. On Black Monday the trading volume was nearly 9.2 million shares. At the end of the day, the markets confidence went down sharply. On this day the fell back another 13%. 


     On October 29, 1929 many historians decided that it was the final blow and was a starting point of the Great Depression. Now with all hope gone of market recovery, panic selling continued and the Stock Market fell another 12%.


    Recovering from the stock market was not easy. Over the next month the market continued to go downhill very sharply. In July 1932 the market started getting a bit better.


Where did the Stock Market Crash happen?

      The Stock Market happened on October 1929 and ended about July 1932, in New York on Wall Street in Manhattan. This happened a little after the World War I. The Stock Market of 1929 was the beginning of the Great Depression.


    This is a picture of Wall Street where many petitions happened and many meetings of bankers took place.











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