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Raymond Beaman

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Brittany and FDR and the Great Depression




Franklin D. Roosevelt played a great role in the Great Depression. Franklin did a lot by issuing a lot of programs such as to pump money into the economy and he got lots of people jobs. Franklin D. Roosevelt known as FDR was the 32Nd president. He was president for 12 years and the only president that got elected to more than two terms (Franklin D. Roosevelt). Franklin D. Roosevelt did tons of stuff during the Great depression because he was president in 1933-1945 and the Great Depression started around 1929 and lasted until the early 1940’s. (The Great Depression). Franklin died when he was 63 years old because of a stroke(known as massive cerebral hemorrhage)(Tully, Grace). The Great Depression started because the collapse of US stock market prices on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday (The Great Depression). The Great Depression was World wide there was no specific location where it was. I think people care about the Great Depression because was a major event that happend at one point and our teachers teach us it to think about how people lived and how they felt in that time period.




F.D.R., 1933FDR(Franklin D. Roosevelt(Great Depression))

  News paper About Roosevelt's (Musser, Rick)









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