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drothea lang zach anderson

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Life Story                                  

     Born on May 26, 1895 of German imigrants in Hoboken, New Jersey to Henry Martin Nutzhorn and Joan Lange Nutzhorn.  She did not want to be the typical woman and become a teacher, secretary, librarian, or nurse.  she dreamed of being a photographer.thanks to her dream she became one of the most well known photographers of her time.  In 1902 when Dorothea got polio.  It weakend her right leg and and gave her a dropped foot, a dropped foot is when a person lacks the muscle to lift the front part of their foot so they often drag the front part, and even though she did well for her disability she always walked with a limp.  Dorothea once said  "I was physically disabled, and no one who hasn't lived the life of a semi-cripple knows how much that means.  I think it perhaps was the most important thing that happened to me, and formed me, guided me, instructed me, helped me, and humiliated me. All those things at once."  Dorothea love her father very much and would read Shakespeare allot with him.  He left her family in 1907 and she did not see him at all through the rest of her life.  She eventually decided to replace her fathers last name with her mothers maiden name Lange.  When her father left her mom needed to find a job to support Dorothea and her brother, she got a job as a librarian in new York City.  in order to be closer to the library they had to move in with Joan's ( Dorothea mom) mother.  Joan's mother was usually drunk and hit Dorothea, so coincidentally she did not like to stay home at nights especially since her mother worked most nights at the library.  Dorothea didn't like going to school either so during the day and nights she would walk around the city and museums with her friend Fonsie or alone.  Dorothea learned how to move through people with out being noticed, not to make eye contact with people, and walk over drunks which came in handy with her photography career as an adult.  Dorothea graduated from Wadleigh High School in June of 1913.  In order to please her mother she enrolled in the New York Training School for teachers, aside the fact she did not want to be a teacher.


Pictures of Dorothea

This is a picture of her doing what she loved.



Pictures taken by Dorothea




This was taken by Dorothea at a migrant labor camp of a mother




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