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Copy of brittany and FDR and the Great Deperssion

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  The Great Depression 




The Causes of the Great Depression where....

Living cridit: People started using instulment plans so that they wouldnt have to pay a large amount of money at one tie insted they payed it over a long period of time.

Bad Farming practices :Unexperinced farmers did not rotate there crops which led to the dustbowl in 1930.

Failure of key Industries: Minning, steal, and textiles where not as succesfull as other industries.



 MULTI-MEDIA (cited youtube.com)  


MULTI-MEDIA (cited youtube.com)


     The long term effects of the stock market where...

Suiside rate increase: this happened becuase many people belived that there was no hope.

Loss of disire for college: During this time people didnt care about education, or even marage or to have kids.

Life Long Triftiness: Peoples goals where to never be hungry again.


(cited youtube.com)














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